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I’m Fasting This Ramadan, A Fun Way to Learn Fasting

Taking kids to be fasting can be very challenging. While it is no easy task to tell them the fundamental nature of fasting, it will be even more taxing when they demand earlier break-fast (iftar) several times before due time. It is not a surprise though as to them fasting means abstaining only from hunger and thirst unlike adults who go deeper in essence. Their initial phase of fasting will likely be determined by what to eat as soon as iftar is allowed.Are there any effective ways to teach children to fast for the first time knowing that fasting is not yet an obligation for them? How do we make them understand the importance of fasting as early as they can? One of the best ways is perhaps by reading a book that recounts a fun activity while fasting. It is what I learn from I’m Fasting This Ramadan, a book by Zeneefa Zaneer that captures Sakeena’s first day of fasting in Ramadan.
Authentic and captivatingWritten by a Sri Lankan author whose passion for love and family relationship ar…