I’m Fasting This Ramadan, A Fun Way to Learn Fasting

Taking kids to be fasting can be very challenging. While it is no easy task to tell them the fundamental nature of fasting, it will be even more taxing when they demand earlier break-fast (iftar) several times before due time. It is not a surprise though as to them fasting means abstaining only from hunger and thirst unlike adults who go deeper in essence. Their initial phase of fasting will likely be determined by what to eat as soon as iftar is allowed.

Are there any effective ways to teach children to fast for the first time knowing that fasting is not yet an obligation for them? How do we make them understand the importance of fasting as early as they can? One of the best ways is perhaps by reading a book that recounts a fun activity while fasting. It is what I learn from I’m Fasting This Ramadan,a book by Zeneefa Zaneer that captures Sakeena’s first day of fasting in Ramadan.

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Authentic and captivating

Written by a Sri Lankan author whose passion for love and family relationship are reflected in her books, I’m Fasting This Ramadan is interesting in some ways. The characters in the book appear very natural especially Sakeena who demonstrates astuteness and spontaneity. Narrated from the girl’s point of view, the book unequivocally follows her little adventure, including the temptation to break her fasting on the very first day she started. Sakeena responded to her experience very authentically, a typical reaction any kids would show.

The colorful illustrations in the entire book make it easier for young readers to understand why fasting during Ramadhan really matters. The scratch and the color chosen by a 12-year-old Afra Anas cast the pictures vividly alive, as if imprinting how Sakeena felt as well as the magnitude of support her family gave her to fast. Young readers and kids alike will enjoy turning every page of the book in order to not only discover the candid images but also find out how the story evolves.

Spit the greed

In addition to teaching children to start fasting with fun, the book furtively instills the spirit of sharing into their minds to do good and generous to the needy and those less unfortunate. While Ramadan is the month when believers genuinely thank God by fasting, it is also the right moment to refrain from greed. Sakeena once argued over her mom’s decision to share gift by saying, “Why?” I was not happy. I was hungry. The sentence clearly portrays voracity of kids and even of adults who are about to break their fast out of greed to exclude everyone else in their own excitement.

Priceless investment

Fueled by love and compassion, the book is relatively rich in Sri Lankan cultures as shown by the flaky tuna samosa and the energizing Faluda syrup. Apart from praying in the mosque, the aroma of kanji has seemed to draw near and will tickle readers’ appetite to distinguish the menu or snacks during Ramadan in their homeland.

The book is a gripping read and comes with luxury paper that will make a precious collection for any families. Parents and children may be engaged in valuable time when reading this book together. While bonding can be established, parents will have the opportunity to introduce good values to their children to fortify love and benevolence. For nonnative English speaking countries, the book may be used to help learn English in an amusing way. The glossary at the end of the book provides important vocabularies in terms of Ramadan and those related to local culture.

As two boys of mine have benefited from reading this book, I’m certain your kids will too. Grab the book at your earliest convenience on Amazon or by contacting the author.

About the book

Title: I’m Fasting This Ramadan

Author: Zeneefa Zaneer – Afra Anas

Publisher: Think Publishers

Editor: LaYinka Sanni

ISBN: 978-955-99710-4-7


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  1. Waah bukunya keren dan lucu yaaa. Memudahkan anak2 memahami arti puasa dan tentunya tetap happy saat menjalani puasa :)

    1. Ya, Mbak. Boleh dicoba sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris, hehe.

  2. Alhamdulillah! My son has also found joy and excitement for Ramadan through this book. It's one to treasure and pass on to future generations to come.

    1. Alhamdulillah, it's such an excitement to provide our kids with a valuable resource for them to grow. May Allah guide our way and grant your son filial piety.

  3. Alhamdulillah mas, such a good book to read. Learning by doing certainly excel their understanding and adaptation to practice fasting. Wanna grab one book for my niece šŸ˜

    1. Yep, Lucky. It's worth buying and I'm sure your niece will benefit from reading this interesting book. Hope they enjoy it while studying English at the same time.

  4. Naaah, iniiii... tentunya anak sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris ya, Kangmas...

    1. Betul sekali, Kangmas. Sambil menyelam, minum air. Biar mereka sinau bagaimana berbahasa Inggris yang mudah dan mengasyikknan